Mass Edit Users (Web)

Easily edit your user's information directly through the profiles tab. Quickly edit all of your athlete's information at once by using the mass edit feature within profiles.

Mass Editing your Users: (only applies to athlete user types)

To mass edit your athlete's information, log into your Teamworks account in a web browser and navigate to the Profiles tab.

Navigate to the three-dot icon in the top right corner and then click "Mass Edit". 


This will bring up an editable list of your athletes and their information. You will be able to edit their academic year (if applicable), status, mobile phone, email, login ability, position(s), jersey #, and/or school ID (if applicable).


Once you have finished making your changes, click "Save".

Collegiate Customers: You can also choose the "Increment Academic Year" button in the top right corner which will advance the academic year for all student-athletes with a current academic year that has not been previously modified. 



*Users will need the "Manage Users" permission to edit users. 

*Users will also need the "Profiles: Athlete" and/or "Profiles: Other" permissions in order to view and edit these users' profiles. 

*If you are not able to edit your users/teams' information reach out to your Team or Organization's Super User to grant you access.

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