Assign CARA Log Approvers

Assigning CARA Log signers allows the Time Management Admin to distinguish who will be the individuals reviewing and approving the logs. Customize which staff members and athletes you want to review and approve your logs.

Assign CARA Log Approvers:

To assign CARA log approvers navigate to the Time Management tab, and then to the Plans tab. Select a team from the left-hand side and click “Team Settings”.

Scroll down to the CARA Logs section and click the three-dot action icon to Select People from the user selection pop-out.

Do the same for Log Administrator, Viewers, Compliance, and Student-Athlete.


Once you have selected your users, click Save. Click Save Changes in the bottom right corner when you have finished selecting your users for each section under CARA Logs. 


*When selecting student-athletes to sign off on CARA Logs there is the ability to choose what percentage will sign off on the logs each week. If you choose 80% and select “All Athletes” as your selection it will choose a random 80% of “All Athletes” each week.

*We recommend you choose only one Log Administrator as more than one may cause confusion. If there is more than one Log Administrator, each one would have to approve the log before it would move along to Compliance.  

*Users will need the “Time Management Admin” permission in order to Assign CARA Log Approvers.

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