Switch Organizations/Accounts and Teams

Teamworks users that have more than one organizational or team account can easily switch back and forth between accounts. 


Switching Organizations & Team Accounts on the Web:

To switch which account you are working within, navigate to the top right corner of your screen when you are logged in. Select the circle with your initials and then select on the name of the organization you are logged in with. 


This will route you back to the main accounts page where you can choose between your available accounts. Select from your accounts, the one that you wish to log in to.



To switch teams within the account you are working within, navigate to the top right corner of your screen when you are logged in. Select the current team you are in and then select the name of the team from the dropdown menu you wish to navigate into. If you do not have access to a specific team, please contact your Organization Superuser (main Teamworks administrator) to be added to the needed team(s). 


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Switching Organizations and Teams on Mobile:

To switch which account you are working within on mobile, navigate to the three-dot (more) icon in the bottom right corner while logged into an account on your mobile device. 

Under your Profile name will be two line items. The top line is the team you are in, the second is the organization you are in.

Click the organization name to change to another organization or the team name to switch to another team. Upon selection, you will be provided a list of organizations and/or teams to select.




*Your organizational accounts must be linked in order to switch between them. Check out our Merge Teamworks Accounts article to learn more!

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