View Change History

Viewing change history will allow compliance to see all changes that have been made to the calendar appointments as well as review any conflicts that may have occurred. This is important to be sure coaches/staff are staying compliant with rules and regulations set in place.

View Change History:

To view change history, log into your Teamworks account in a web browser and navigate to the Time Management tab. Click the “Change History” subtab within the Reports tab.

Here you will see a list of all changes that have been made. Use the filters at the top to filter what you wish to see. You can view the date when it was changed, change itself, team, event, event date, conflict, who it was changed by, and the status.

To review the change history click directly on the change you wish to view. A pop-up will appear with all the details of the change.


From here you can "Mark as Dismissed" or "Mark Reviewed".

If you wish to "Mark as Reviewed" multiple changes at once, click the checkbox next to the changes and then click "Mark as Reviewed".



*Users will need the “View Change History” permissions.

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