Configure Department Settings

Configuring your department's settings will ensure your teams are aware of the rules they must follow to stay compliant and warn them when they are not staying within those parameters. 

Configure Department Settings:

To configure your department’s settings log into your Teamworks account in a web browser. Once you have logged in, navigate to the Time Management tab and then to the Plans tab. Select the Department Settings from the left side of your screen.

Here you will set up the rules for your department as well as the TMP/Academic calendar details. 

Setting up the rules for your department will ensure that your teams remain compliant throughout the year. 

Adequate change notice, when enabled, will trigger a pop-up when the rule you set is broken. Choose the amount of time teams must give their student-athletes when changing an existing appointment as well as when changing a new appointment. 

Use the checkboxes on the right side of your screen to choose whether a violation of these rules will trigger a notification and/or if a comment is required to make a change that violates these rules. (Note: If you choose for a change that violates your set rules to send a notification, the notification will be sent to the user who is listed in the "Conflict Notifications" user selection under Team Settings. See Configure Team Settings for more information).

Do the same for Required Day Off--Playing Season and Additional Required Days Off.


Once you have configured the settings how you wish, click Save Changes.

To set up your TMP/Academic Calendar details, click the Calendar subtab within Department Settings.


Here you will be able to configure your department's TMP year, calendar system, academic terms, and exam periods. (Note: Be sure that your TMP year encompasses an entire year and does not just run through the academic year).


*"Send Notifications" will send an email to any users in the "Conflict Notifications" user selection under Team Settings when a rule is broken.

*Checking “Comment Required” will prompt the user making the change that violates a rule to give a reason. This will then show up in the Change History for compliance to view and/or approve. (See View Change History for more information).

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