Configure Team Settings

Configuring team settings allow you to customize who you wish to be able to view, approve, edit, and receive notifications regarding their logs. 

Configure Team Settings:

To configure your team's settings log into your Teamworks account in a web browser. Once you have logged in, navigate to the Time Management tab and then to the Plans tab. Select the team you wish to work with and then click “Team Settings”. 


Under Calendar Visibility select who you wish to have declaration dates added to their calendar

Under Conflict Notifications select who you wish to receive notifications for that team when a Compliance Rule is broken (See Configure Department Settings for more information regarding Rules).

Under Edit Declarations select who you wish to have the ability to edit declarations and time management details for this team. Whoever is selected for this section will also have access to the TM appointment types on the calendar. (This will likely be a compliance user).

Under CARA Logs select the users involved in the creation and approval of Logs. Check the box if you wish for your logs to be automatically generated after each week (We recommend this so that you do not have to go in to manually create these for each week).

  • Log Administrators are users that will approve the log (This is often a Coach/Ops).
  • Viewers are users that have the ability to view the logs (They will be able to view the logs and their details through Calendar> Logs).
  • Compliance refers to the user who will approve the log after the Log Administrator has approved it (This user has the ability to reject the log, sending it back to the Log Administrator for updates, as well as the ability to assign the log to any part of the normal flow).
  • Student-Athlete(s) are the user(s) that represent the student-athlete population and are the final step of the log approval process (You have the option to choose all OR only a certain percentage of Student-Athletes to approve the logs)

When you have finished configuring your team's settings, click Save Changes.


*Users must have the “Time Management Admin” permission in order to configure Team Settings. 

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