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Create a Teamworks profile for a new user on your team. You can also add existing users to other teams!

Adding a New Profile:

To start, log into your Teamworks account in a web browser and navigate to the Profiles tab.

Click the "+ Add Profile" button in the top right side of the screen. This profile you are creating will be added to the Team you are currently viewing, so make sure you are logged in to the correct team before starting this process.


Note: Only Organization and/or Team Super Users ("Manage Users" permission) can create new Teamworks profiles. If you are not seeing the "Add Profile" button, this means you do not have the necessary permissions in your account to create new profiles. Reach out to your Organization and/or Team Super User to grant you this access.

Selecting "Add Profile" will open up a window in which you must enter the new user’s email address. You may also enter a mobile phone number through this window. (mobile phone is not required, however, it is highly recommended so that your users receive all intended communications).



Following the contact information window, you will be taken to a larger window where you will finish creating the new account.

Fields that contain “*” are required in order for the profile to be created. You also have the option to upload a headshot here!

Note: If not choosing from the Calendar Selector, birthdates and start dates must be entered in the following format: “Mar 17, 1996”. 

The email address entered here will also serve as the new Teamworks user’s username. This email address must be entered to log in to the profile and will remain as this user’s username until it is changed through Personal Settings. If your organization utilizes SSO, the School ID field will be required as well, as this ID is the link between Teamworks and your Organization’s portal.


Lastly, you will need to select a User Type for this new profile. Adding a title is optional, but may be helpful for organizational purposes.


Selecting the user type of Athlete from the dropdown menu will trigger a second dropdown where you must select the athlete’s Status. There is also the option of adding their position, jersey number, and eligibility year (if applicable).

Finally, select "Create Profile".

All profile information can be edited after the creation of the profile at any time. 


Add an Existing Profile:



If the email address you entered is already in use by an existing Teamworks user, their account will pop up and become available for you to add to an additional team. Selecting "Add To Team" will bring you to the second window where you can choose the user’s new team and user type. 


*You will only see the “Add to Team” button if you are a member of the team that this user is already on.

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