Create & Manage Custom Groups

Create custom groups of Teamworks users across a single team in order to stay organized, and make usage of modules/other features as efficient as possible. 

Creating a Custom Group:

To create a custom group, log into your Teamworks account in a web browser and navigate to the Profiles tab. Select the “Custom Groups” button in the top right of your screen. This will take you to the main Custom Groups page.


Note: Creating and Managing Custom Groups is a permission! If you are unable to see the “Custom Groups” button, this means that you do not have the necessary permissions in your account. If you need this permission in your account please reach out to your Organization or Team Super User.

Select the “+ Custom Group” button to create a new custom group. 


In this new window, enter the name of your custom group, and begin selecting users. Users can be selected by user type, positions (if applicable), athlete status, and/or by year.

Click the arrow next to the option if you need to see an expansion of the users within this user type, position, status, or year. Here, you can either select the names individually or choose the first option in the dropdown to select all users from this grouping. You can also search for specific individual names of users that you would like to be added to this custom group.

Double click to select.


Once you have selected the names and/or groups of users to be included in your custom group, select “OK”. This new custom group will now appear in the list of available custom groups for your team. 

Note: Custom groups can ONLY be made across one team. Custom groups cannot be created to include individuals across multiple teams unless the individuals are members of the team that the custom group is being created on. 


Managing Custom Groups:

To edit or manage a custom group that already exists, select the three-dot icon to the right of the group. This will give you the option to either edit this group or delete it entirely.


Within the edit window, you can rename the custom group, add additional users to the custom group, or remove users that had been previously added.


You must click “OK” to save any changes that were made to this custom group.


*Users must have the "Manage Users" permissions in order to create and manage custom groups.

*If you delete a custom group, the members of the group will be removed from any appointments/assignments that the group was a part of.


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