Edit Individual Users (Web)

Change a user’s profile information including contact information, birthdates, addresses, personal information, and custom attributes. Editing profiles is a form of user management that will help keep each account up to date, organized, and accurate.

Selecting a Profile:

To start, log into your Teamworks account in a web browser. Once you have logged in, navigate to Profiles and select the profile that you would like to edit. You can filter your search by user type, team, and/or any other desired attributes. You can also enter the user’s name that you are looking for into the search bar. Select the name of the user you would like to edit.


Once you have entered the profile, all information can be edited through the Attributes tab. Each category will have a pencil icon that will allow you to make changes to the information in this category, or to add information.


Note: Editing profiles is dependent upon your permissions. If you do not see the pencil icon on the right side of the category, you may not have the permissions in your account to edit users of this user type. Reach out to your Organization or Team Super User to have these permission granted


Editing Attribute Categories:

Selecting the pencil icon will open the category into text boxes, with which you can type into new fields or make changes to fields that have already been entered.


Reminder: You must click save after making edits to any profile information! The information entered here does not auto-save, so be sure to manually click save so that your edits are not lost. 


Editing An Address:

After you select the pencil icon next to the address category, a pop-up that window will appear allowing you to either edit the existing address or add another address to the profile. Select the pencil icon next to the existing address to make changes, or click "Add Address" at the bottom of this window to add a new address. 



*The ability to edit profiles is based on the "Profiles: Other", "Profiles: Athlete", and "Manage Users" permissions. If you cannot edit profiles reach out to your Organization or Team Super User to grant you access to view and edit the profiles you desire.

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