User Management (Invite, Deactivate & Reset Passwords)

Manage a user’s account through the main profiles page without having to go into the person’s account. From the main profiles page, you can send an invite, deactivate an account, reset a user's password, and/or remove them from a team if they are on more than one. 

Manage A User’s Account:

To start, log into your Teamworks account in a web browser. Once you have logged in, navigate to Profiles and find the user you are looking for. Click the three-dot icon on the far right side of their name. If the user has not yet logged into their account you will be given the option to Invite User, Deactivate User, Disable Login.


If the user has already logged into their account, you will be given the option to Reset Password, Deactivate User, Disable Login.


If the user is on multiple teams, you will also be given the option to Remove From Team. This will remove the user from the current team you are in.



*In order to invite, deactivate, reset passwords, and/or remove from team(s), you must be a Team or Organization Super User.

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