Managing Hotel Assignments

Assign rooms, add legs for multi-location trips, and copy hotel room lists to use for other legs. Assigning rooms prior to arrival will allow members of the Travel Party to know where they are staying. You can also add legs for multi-location trips, as well as copy the hotel assignments to use for other legs within a single trip or on other trips within the season.

Managing Hotel Assignments:

To start, log into your Teamworks account in a web browser. Once you have logged in, navigate to the Travel tab, select the trip you wish to work with, and then click “Hotel” among the tabs on the left of your screen. 

Click “Add Rooms” in the top right corner of your screen. Here you can choose the room type as well as the number of rooms.


Once your rooms are created, assign travelers to rooms by dragging and dropping users from the left side of the screen. (Note: You will have to create your travel party first in order for travelers' names to show here for hotel assignments).


Update specifics such as check-in and check-out, notes, master bill as you wish. 


To add a leg for multi-location trips, navigate to the Hotel tab while in the trip, select the dropdown above your list of travelers and click “Manage Legs”. Here you can add a leg either from scratch or from another trip. The additional legs will appear in the dropdown menu. (You can also edit/rename any of your legs as you wish. Managing legs is a great way to stay organized on trips that involve more than one location).



*Users will need to have the “Manage Travel” permission in order to manage hotel assignments,

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