Managing Plane Assignments

Assigning flight vendors and seat assignments will allow members of the Travel Party to know where they're sitting prior to departure. 

Add a Flight as a Vendor:

In order to add/manage plane assignments, you will need to first add your flight under the Vendors tab and create the seatplan for that flight

Navigate to the Travel tab, then the Manage Vendors tab. Click “Add Vendor” to create a new vendor. Once the vendor is created click the three-dot icon to edit the vendor, and navigate to the Seatplan Tab within the edit screen.


Click “Add Seat Plan”. You will be taken to a page that looks similar to our Quick Forms where you will be able to build your plane however you need, choosing the number of columns and rows needed. Add a name for your seat plan, sections of the plane, as well as the titles for the columns. 


Click “Save Seatplan”.


Manage Plane Assignments:

Once the seatplan has been created, navigate back to the Travel tab, select the trip you wish to work with, and then click ”Air” among the tabs on the left of your screen. 

Click the “+Add Plane” button, choose the Seatplan, and give the flight a name. Once you have chosen your plane, begin to assign travelers to specific seats by dragging and dropping users to open seats. 


Edit a Seatplan:

If you need to edit a seatplan, find the flight you wish to edit, click the three-dot icon, click edit, navigate to the seatplan tab within the edit screen and click directly on the seatplan. There you will be able to edit the Seatplan and save any changes you need.  


*Members of the Travel Party will be able to see their seat assignment on their Teamworks app, within the respective trip under the Assignments tab. 

*Users will need the “Manage Travel“ permission in order to add and manage air assignments.

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