Using Travel on Mobile

Viewing travel on mobile is an easy way to stay up to date on trip information while on the go. The features that are visible on the mobile app are itinerary, assignments, vendors, files, travelers, and messaging. 

All members of the Travel Party will see itinerary items that they have been added to the visibility for, transportation assignments they have been given, and Files they have been given visibility to. 

The Travel Admin will be able to make edits to the itinerary from their mobile device, locate and contact vendors, message the travel party, as well as view any assignments or files they are included on.

Using Travel on Mobile:

To start, log into your Teamworks account on your mobile device. Once you are logged in click the three-dot icon in the bottom right corner, and then click “Travel”. 

(Note: All trips with Mobile visibility turned on will appear here. Trips that are within 7 days of the start date will appear on the mobile dashboard if mobile visibility is enabled. Trips that appear on your mobile dashboard can be accessed by clicking directly into the trip on the dashboard view). 

To view information regarding one of your upcoming trips click on the trip. The itinerary will be visible here for all travelers, while Travel Admins will be able to add and/or make edits to events. To add an event click the “+” button. To edit an existing itinerary event select the event and click the “pencil icon” to edit. 


Assignments are visible to the travel party within the Assignments tab. Members of the travel party are able to view their personal ground, air, and hotel assignments. 


Information about travel Vendors is only available to Travel Admins. They can view information for any vendor assigned to that trip. 

Files are available to anyone in the Travel Party who has been granted visibility and can be accessed in the Files tab within the trip. 


Traveler information is visible to Travel Admins only. They are able to view travelers and navigate to their profiles by selecting their names. 


Lastly, while on the travelers' page, Travel Admins can send a Message Blast to their Travel Party directly from within their trip by clicking the “New Message to Travelers” option. Here they can decide who they wish to send their message to.




*Enabling Trip Mobile Visibility must be done on the web. To enable this feature, enter the Travel module and click the Edit button next to the trip. Check the "Enabled" box next to Trip Mobile Visibility and click Save.

*Anyone within a Travel Party will have access to trip information that they are included in but only Travel Admins will be able to make adjustments to the trip on Mobile.

*When we use the term “Travel Admin” we are referring to the user who is responsible for managing and organizing trip details. This user must have the “Manage Travel” permission in order to manage aspects of the trip. They will also need “Mobile Trip Viewer” permissions in order to have access to the trip on their mobile device. 

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