Create/Manage Travel Party

Once your season and trips are created, and you’ve started to build an itinerary, you’ll want to decide who will be in the Travel party. 

Create a Travel Party:

To start, log into your Teamworks account in a web browser. Once you have logged in, navigate to the Travel tab, select the trip, and then click “Travel party”. 

Select the “Manage Traveler” button, then choose between “Manage Travel Party”, to start assigning a new travel party, or “Copy from Previous Trip” to select travelers from a previous trip. 


By selecting “Manage Travel Party”, you will be prompted to search for travelers or select the three-dot icon to choose travelers from the user selection box. 

By selecting “Copy from a Previous Trip”, you will be prompted to select the season and trip you wish to copy travelers from. Within the selected trip, you can select and deselect users to copy to your current trip. 

Edit a Travel Party:

To edit members of the Travel Party, select the three-dot icon next to an individual traveler, or re-select the “Manage Travelers” button then “Manage Travel Party” button to edit in mass. Add or remove travelers in the user selection as you wish. 

Communicate with Travel Party:

Once travelers have been assigned, you will be able to Send Message Blast or Send Travel Assignments to members of the travel party.


By selecting “Send Message Blast” you will be routed to the message blast page with the travel party populated as your recipients. Create your message here, making any changes to the recipients you may need, and click “Send Now” or “Schedule for Later”. (For more information on how to send a message blast click here).

By selecting “Send Travel Assignments” you will be given the option to select which Recipients, Message Type, and Assignments are sent to members of the Travel Party. You will also be able to exclude empty assignments and travelers with no assignments. Each member of the travel party will receive a customized message, via the message type selected with his or her specified assignments. 



*Users will need the “Manage Travel“ permission to create and manage their travel party.

*With mobile trip visibility turned on, the travel party will be able to see all trip details within their calendar on both web and mobile.

*Members of the Travel Party will be able to see their seat assignment on their Teamworks app, within the respective trip under the Assignments tab. 

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