Persistent Notification Settings

Be sure that your notifications are turned on within your phone's settings and are set to persistent so that you do not miss any important communication! Setting your notifications to persistent is extremely important in making sure that no communication is missed. 

Setting Notifications to Persistent (iOS):

Navigate to Settings on your mobile device. Scroll through your apps, and click into "Teamworks". 

Click “Notifications”. First, make sure the top option Allow Notifications is toggled on. Next, choose how you wish for the notifications to be displayed; Lock Screen, Notification Center, and/or Banners (we recommend you allow all three options). 

Within the Teamworks Notifications page, click into the "Banner Style" line item. 


This will show two options; Temporary and Persistent. Switch this style to Persistent to be sure you do not miss any notifications. Choosing persistent ensures that the notifications do not disappear before you click into them, avoiding any accidental oversight of communication.



*Enabling notifications is very important in order for your users not to miss any communication intended for them. Furthermore, setting banner style to persistent ensures they click into the notifications to clear them.

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