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The Calendar Overview page provides you with a high-level view of your team's calendar.  With the Calendar Overview, users can easily track a team's segments, days off, competitions and CARA and RARA activities.  

View the Calendar Overview Page:

  1. To view the Calendar Overview page, log into your Teamworks account on your desktop and select the Time Management tab.  
  2. Within the Time Management tab, select Plans within the sub-navigation bar and then select the Team who you wish to view.  
  3. Select the Overview tab at the top of the page to navigate to the Calendar Overview page. 
  4. Within the Calendar Overview page, use the drop-down menu under Student-Athlete to select the student-athlete whose calendar you would like to view.
  5. Hover over any date on the calendar to view segment start and end dates, days off, competitions and/or CARA and/or RARA activities.  

Use the Legend on the right side of the page to easily identify the event types on your calendar.


Add CARA/RARA Events and Day(s) Off:

Using the Calendar Overview page, users can add CARA/RARA events or days off without having to navigate back to the calendar module.

  1. To add CARA/RARA events or days off from the Calendar Overview page, select a date on the calendar and you will be taken to an Add Event page. 
  2. Give the event a title and select the appointment type you wish to add.  
  3. Select the three-dot menu under Attendees on the right-hand side to add those athletes you wish to add days off for.  
  4. Select Create Event to add the day(s) off to the selected students’ calendars.

For directions on how to add CARA/RARA events and days off via the Calendar module, please visit the Add/Edit/Delete Calendar Appointments and Add/Edit Remove/Days Off Help Center Articles.

PERMISSIONS REQUIRED: TMP Administrators and/or Edit Declaration within Time Management Team Settings

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