Mass Edit Permissions

Mass editing permissions allows you to update multiple users’ permissions at one time.

Mass Edit Permissions:

  1. Log in to your Teamworks account on the desktop and navigate to the Profiles module.
  2. Select the three-dot icon in the upper-right hand corner next to the Add Profile button and then select Mass Edit Permissions to be taken to the Mass Edit Permissions Page.
  3. Use the select users box to select which users’ permissions you wish to update.
  4. Choose the type of permissions update you would like to make.  Select Add Permissions to add selected permissions on top of any existing permissions that the selected users currently have.  Select Change Permissions to remove all existing permissions for the selected users and add new permissions.
  5. Choose the permissions you wish to add and then select Save Changes.
  6. Review the permission changes in the pop-up window and select Yes, Change Permissions to make your changes.


*Note: To change permissions for new and existing users, users should first update the default permissions for the user type. Then use Mass Edit Permissions to update everyone currently in the user type to match the new default.

Permissions Required: Organization Superuser

Keywords: Profiles, Permissions, Mass Edit

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