Digital Displays

Digitally displaying your team’s calendar on monitors throughout your facility ensures your athletes and staff are aware of the day’s upcoming events. 

To Create a Digital Display:

  1. Log into your Teamworks account in a web browser and navigate to the Calendar module.
  2. Select the Displays subtab.
  3. Select the + New Display button.
  4. Enter a Display Name and use the Display Mode dropdown menu to select whether you want to display your calendar in Landscape (horizontal) or Portrait (vertical).
  5. In the Calendars section, select the User whose calendar you want to display.
    If you wish to display multiple calendars on your display, select the + Another Calendar and enter a Calendar Name and choose the user whose calendar you want to be displayed.  If you are adding multiple calendars, be sure to set a Transition Speed to configure the speed at which you’d like the calendars to transition on your display.

    *Note: When adding multiple calendars to your digital display, the appointments from each calendar will NOT display at the same time. Instead, each calendar will display for a period of time (specified in the Transition Speed section) before transitioning to the next calendar.

    In the Additional Widgets section, users can add announcements that are included as widgets on their digital display.  Any widget that is added will appear to the left of the appointments on your display.

  6. Enter a Title for the announcement and any details to appear below the title.
  7. Set the Start and End Date and Time for the widget.  The widget will not appear on your display until the start date/time and will be removed after the end date/time. *Note: Start and End Date and Time for widgets are optional. To manually remove a widget, select the Delete Announcement button. 
  8. If you wish, you can upload an image to be included on your widget.

    After adding announcements in the Widgets section, the announcement’s status will appear in the section  (inactive, scheduled, active).
  9. Select the Time Zone and Time Format for your calendar.
  10. In the Branding section, use the Logo dropdown menu to select whether you would like to include your logo on your display. *Note: If you choose to include your logo, the logo on the display will be the same as the logo in the top left corner of your Teamworks Organization on the desktop.
  11. By default, calendar digital displays will feature a Teamworks branded background. Users can upload a custom background for displays by hovering over the current background and selecting Upload Image.  For best results, when uploading a new image, use an image with dimensions of 1920 x 1080 or larger.  If you would like Teamworks to assist in creating a custom background for your displays, please contact

    4K (3480 x 2080)

    Date & Time: 300 x 100
    Free Space: 1280 x 2080
    Calendar Overlay:#2622A, 70%, 2560 x 2080

    1080p (1920 x 1000)

    Date & Time: 300 x 100
    Free Space: 640 x 1000
    Calendar Overlay:#2622A, 70%, 1280 x 1000

  12. Once you have entered all your information, select Save.


To Display your Calendar:

After selecting Save, your Display will be listed in the Displays tab.  Select Copy URL and paste the URL into any web browser to view your Calendar Digital Display with the day’s upcoming events.  Once an event has passed, the event will no longer be shown on the calendar.

From here, users can cast their desktop display to any monitor throughout the team facility.

*Users must have the “Manage Displays” Permission in order to create Displays.
*Users can add two widgets at a time to a digital display.


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